Let’s Talk Money: Work

One way to manage expenses is to earn a supporting income. The university provides work options for students.

To work at the University of Toronto you must be eligible to work in Canada. Here are some resources to help you understand what is needed to ensure you are eligible.


Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required to work in Canada, and to register your information in ACORN for studying at the University of Toronto. Here is more information on how to apply for a SIN.

On-Campus Work Opportunities


The University of Toronto provides a range of on-campus employment opportunities for students through the Work Study Program. Learn more information about participating in the Work Study Program.

Career & Co-curricular Learning Network (CLNx)

Find other employment opportunities at the University of Toronto, as well as access resources for career, advising, research, mentorship and co-curricular experiences. 


Students have access to opportunities to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, and contribute to their community and society.