Let’s Talk Money: Expenses

Expenses are items you must pay for on either a one-time or ongoing basis (e.g., monthly, or yearly), such as housing, food, tuition, books, computer or other equipment, clothes. Links in this section may help you think about the different kinds of expenses you have, and ways you can reduce expenses from month to month.

Types of Expenses

Here are some costs to consider when creating your list of expenses for your budget. Individual expenses may vary based on your personal circumstance.

Living Expenses

Estimating all of your costs will help give you an idea of the budget you will need. Review this comprehensive list of potential costs as you plan your budget and add in the amounts that apply best to you.

Tuition & Fees

The amount of tuition you pay depends on factors such as your program and year of study, course load and campus. View the fee schedule for your program of study and include it in your budget.

Food & Grocery

There are ways to save on grocery shopping. For example, shopping with coupons, or using an app like FLIPP, will show items on sale for the week.

It can be daunting living on your own, having to grocery shop and cook.  The University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) provides information about healthy eating, shopping and budgeting.


This source provides useful local information about housing costs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), links to find your own housing, and things you should know about renting in the GTA.