University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) students registered full-time from May to August 2024, may be eligible for UTAPS for the summer term. If you are an OSAP recipient in the Summer term, you are automatically considered for UTSC Summer UTAPS and are not required to complete this application.

Am I Eligible for UTSC Summer UTAPS?

  • Be enrolled in a UTSC undergraduate program
  • Be studying full-time from May-August (i.e. the whole summer)
    • Visit Summer OSAP for full-time course load requirements
  • Not be enrolled in a co-op work term
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a protected person (recognized convention refugee)
  • Have applied and been assessed for government student financial assistance from your home province or territory (e.g. Ontario Student Assistance Program – OSAP, StudentAid BC, etc.); or, for Indigenous students who do not apply for government financial assistance, be receiving educational funding for Indigenous students (e.g., Indigenous Sponsorship funding provided through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, Métis Nation Post-Secondary Education Strategy, etc.); and
    • Have your enrolment confirmed by U of T to your home province/territory government financial assistance program
    • Have remaining financial need (or unmet need), that is not covered by these programs

How Do I Apply for UTSC Summer UTAPS?

Read through the eligibility requirements listed above, and ensure you meet these before moving forward.

Review and confirm the accuracy of your mailing address and direct deposit information in ACORN. Ensure the dates of this information remain valid and have not expired.

OSAP Students:

If you are an OSAP student who meets the eligibility criteria above, you are automatically considered for UTSC Summer UTAPS and are not required to complete this application.

All Other Students:

The UTSC Summer UTAPS Application and the required documentation must be submitted to the Out-of-Province Request Portal by Monday, June 17, 2024.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Login to the Out-of-Province Request Portal
  2. Navigate to ‘Start New Request’
  3. Fill in your details:
    • Select Province/Region
    • Select Form Request Type as “UTSC Summer UTAPS Application”
    • Select Academic Year
  4. Continue to complete the Step 1: Cover Letter to the best of your ability
  5. Continue to complete Step 2: Documentation
    • Upload your completed The UTSC Summer UTAPS Application
    • Upload a copy of your 2024 Summer Government Student Aid Loan/Grants Assistance Summary from your Canadian province/territory funding program or a copy of your funding letter from your First Nations band, or Inuit or Métis Nation organization
  6. Continue to complete Step 3: Submit
    • Complete the Privacy Statement and Submit your Application for review
  7. The University Registrar’s Office Financial Aid team will notify you of the outcome of your financial need assessment by the end of July, 2024

If you have further questions, please see these resources: