Responsibilities & Obligations for Canadian (Non-Ontario) Students Seeking Financial Aid

Responsibilities & Obligations for Canadian (Non-Ontario) Students Seeking Financial Aid

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Initiate a financial aid, or related, application with their home province.
  1. Apply well in advance and prior to the start of the session in which they are requesting government funded financial aid. 
  1. Follow the deadlines, policies, and application steps of their home province. 
  1. Repay their student loans as stipulated by their loan lender for students who have graduated, withdrawn from full-time studies, or leave their studies. 
  1. Ensure they submit a request for interest-free status for any Canada Student Loan and/or provincial/territorial student loan that the student may have received, if applicable, if the student is pursuing full-time studies. See Confirmation of Interest-Free Status for more information. 
  1. Provide complete information to the University Registrar’s Office, should the home province require an application or form to be completed by the University of Toronto, as only the student may access their confidential financial aid file with their home province.
  1. Immediately report changes to both the University Registrar’s Office and to their home province financial aid office, if the student changes their academic course load and/or does not pass their courses.
  1. Follow the policies and deadlines, as published by the Student Accounts Office with regards to their student financial account on ACORN.

Obligations of a Registered Student

A student is registered once they have paid tuition and incidental fees, or have made appropriate arrangements to register without payment (e.g., tuition deferral). Students who defer fee payment are responsible for paying all charges, including any service charges that may be assessed.  

Registered students agree to abide by all academic and non-academic policies, rules, and regulations of the University of Toronto and of their academic division, as set out in the divisional calendar, and to ensure that the accuracy and maintenance of personal information such as current mailing address, telephone number, and UTOR email address. 

Immediately after receiving government student aid funding, students must pay at least the ‘Minimum Payment to Register’ amount on their invoice. Their government student aid funding will not be directed to the University of Toronto to be applied toward their tuition fees. If students do not receive any government student aid funding, they are still responsible for paying their fees and must do so as soon as they receive notification of refusal. 

Residence payments cannot be deferred and the student is responsible for making payments by the deadline provided by their residence.