OSAP Appeals

OSAP Appeals

If your OSAP appeal is successful, your OSAP application will be adjusted, and you may receive more OSAP funding.  

If you are already receiving the maximum OSAP funding and you are experiencing financial difficulties, contact your Faculty/College Registrar or Academic Division to find out how to apply for additional need-based funding.

Can I Submit an Appeal?

If you did not receive the maximum amount of OSAP, there are a number of appeals available. Please note the list below is not exhaustive. If you are experiencing circumstances that may not have been taken into account in your OSAP assessment, and you are concerned about your ability to fund your studies this year, please contact us to have a Financial Aid Counsellor review your OSAP application and help you determine your options.

Parent Information Not AvailableIf you are less than six (6) years out of high school, but cannot provide parental information because of a serious and permanent break in your relationship with your parent(s), you can appeal to have your parents removed from your assessment.

When you apply for OSAP, indicate that you cannot provide parental information and OSAP will provide instructions to submit the Parent Information Not Available form. Please be sure to provide the form and all required documents.

Typically, you will need to provide: a detailed letter explaining the timing and nature of the rift with your family; a letter from a professional third party (like a social worker, doctor, etc.) who was involved in the situation or documentation from at least two other reliable third parties who were indirectly involved (grandparents, siblings, other relatives); proof of how you are meeting your living expenses; and proof that you are not living at home with your parents. 
Request Use Parents’ Estimated IncomeIf your parent(s)’ income has changed substantially – for example due to a job loss, retirement, or medical leave – you can request to use their 2023 income instead of 2022 income. 
Request to Use Spouse’s Estimated Income If your spouse’s income has changed substantially – for example due to a job loss, retirement, or medical leave – you can request to use their 2023 income instead of 2022 income. 
Adjust Living Allowance Use if: 
– You are a dependent student whose parents live less than 30km from U of T and you are living away from home; 
– You are an independent student who pays room and board or rent to your parents; or 
– You are a married student and unable to live with your spouse during the school year. 
Adjust Local TravelUse if you incur extra travel costs to commute to school. Review the appeal form for specific scenarios which qualify for the appeal. 
Student Fixed ContributionUse to appeal OSAP’s assessed student contribution if you had no income in the summer before your school year started, you have no income during the school year, and you have other resources to assist with your contribution. Note: In most cases this appeal cannot be considered until the half-way point of your OSAP study period. 
Personal Circumstances Review If you were placed on Academic Probation or Restriction for reasons outside of your control, like a medical condition or a family crisis, you can appeal to have this removed from your account. Please submit the U of T Academic Progress form (PDF) (or a letter describing your circumstances), and documentation from a third party that confirms the situation, such as a doctor’s note. 
  • OSAP deadlines  
  • Citizenship status  
  • Timing of your funding distribution  
  • OSAP maximums  
  • Arbitrary refusal of parent(s) to assist 

How Do I Submit an Appeal?

  • Gather all required supporting documentation. Read the form(s) or request for documentation very carefully.  
  • Upload all appeal documentation to the additional uploads section in your OSAP account.  
  • Monitor your OSAP account closely – you will receive a notice in the Message Centre letting you know the outcome of your review. You may also receive a request for additional documentation.

What Happens After I Submit an Appeal?

If you meet criteria for an OSAP appeal, your OSAP application will be adjusted and you may receive more OSAP funding. You will be contacted in regards to the status your appeal.

Timeline for Appeals

The deadline for appeals is 40 days before the end of your study period, however, we recommend submitting your appeal as early as possible. Processing time can be 4-8 weeks during peak times.

I Still Have Questions

If you have further questions, please see these resources: