External Awards

External Awards

External awards are awarded by external organizations to currently registered University of Toronto students.  

The award amount must be sent as an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the University of Toronto. The awarding organization must contact the awards team directly at awards.uoft@utoronto.ca for the external award banking information. We are unable to share the banking details with students.

The following process applies for  external awards: 

  • The external organization selects the recipient and sends the award amount directly to the University of Toronto with the award details. If a tuition invoice is required, the student must send their tuition invoice on ACORN directly to the external organization.  Please mail cheques to: University Awards, University of Toronto, 172 St George St, Toronto, ON M5R 0A3
  • Once the recipient’s registration is confirmed at U of T, the award amount is first applied towards the student’s fees. If there is a balance remaining, it is automatically refunded to the student. The excess is not transferred back to the external organization since the full award amount is intended to support the student’s studies at U of T.  
  • The student can view the award details on ACORN, under My Awards.  
  • U of T will issue a T4A Slip for all external awards processed by U of T.  

In exceptional cases, we will accept a cheque payable to the University of Toronto. The recipient’s full name and U of T student number must be clearly recorded on the cheque. The external organization must also include a letter with more details about the purpose of the funds. As the processing of cheques involves multiple offices, it may take 4-6 weeks to process cheques.