Dependants Scholarship Program

Dependants Scholarship Program

University of Toronto Scholarship Program for Dependants of Faculty Members, Librarians Professionals/Managers, and Research Associates.

Who is Eligible?

This scholarship program is for dependants of University of Toronto Faculty Members (including Full-time Clinical Academic Appointees), Librarians, Professionals/Managers and Research Associates (those covered under the Policy for Research Associates (limited term) and Senior Research Associates) who are studying on a full-time basis in an eligible program of study at an eligible institution. For those studying part-time at the University of Toronto, the tuition waiver program remains in effect. 

Value of Scholarship

For dependants of eligible faculty members & librarians who hold an appointment of 76% or greater, the value of the scholarship is equal to 65% of the amount of the academic fees for five full courses in a general program in Arts and Science at the University of Toronto. For faculty members and librarians who hold an appointment of 25%-75%, the value is pro-rated to the actual FTE. 

For dependants of full-time eligible Professionals/Managers and Research Associates, the value of the scholarship is equal to 50% of the amount of the academic fees for five full courses in a general program in Arts and Science at the University of Toronto. For part-time Professionals/Managers and Research Associates with appointments of 25%-99%, the value will be pro-rated to the actual FTE. 

How Do I Apply?

To ensure prompt payment of the scholarship, please make sure to submit the application before the end of the first study term of the academic year for which you are applying. 

Step 1: Complete all sections of the application and obtain the required signatures. 

Important: Section C must be filled out by the Human Resources Representative or the Business Officer of the University of Toronto department after confirmation of the staff member’s eligibility.  

If you require a paper copy of the application form, please email

Step 2: The application and academic transcripts (if required) should be submitted by email to:  

To mail your submission, see the Administrative Guideline for further instructions.  

Unsigned or incomplete applications (including those without appropriate transcripts attached) cannot not be processed.  

I’ve Applied — Now What?

The University Registrar’s Office will determine the applicant’s eligibility, and then advise the student via email of the value and terms of the scholarship, payment procedure and the renewal requirements. 

Payment of the Scholarship

The scholarship will be credited to the student’s account after classes begin in September. For information on deferring fees or making partial fee payments with scholarship, please see the Student Accounts website. 

The scholarship funds will be forwarded to the appropriate institution and released to the student upon confirmation of enrollment in a full-time course load (80% or greater). Students must make the necessary arrangements with their University to ensure that payment deadlines are met. The University of Toronto cannot ensure that the award will be paid in time to meet another institution’s tuition fee deadlines. 


This scholarship is taxable income and T4A’s will be issued to all student recipients. 

Terms and Conditions (PDF) for the payment of scholarship. 


For more information about the dependant scholarship program and administrative process, see the Administrative Guideline

If you have additional questions, please email