4 Tips for Prepping for Exams

With the finals season coming up, it’s important to start preparing as early as possible. Here are 4 things to do before your exams to ensure that you have the support you need: 

1. Seek peer support 

Peer mentorship can help when studying for exams seems overwhelming. Student Life offers one-on-one peer mentorship where you can find support with reading, note-taking, studying, motivation, procrastination, scheduling, and navigating the vast and various U of T processes.  

Learn more about academic mentoring and book an appointment with an Academic Success peer mentor.

2. Sign up for a Recognized Study Group (RSG)

Some faculties offer Recognized Study Groups – a student-led group of up to eight students enrolled in the same course. These groups can offer support and motivation that can sometimes be difficult to find in a large class.  

Sign up to lead or join an RSG.

3. Make sure you are signed up for the appropriate assessment accommodations

Accommodated testing services offers accommodations for students with disabilities. Make sure you are in contact with Accessibility Services in order to register for accommodations such as: 

  • Accessible space 
  • Specialized invigilation staff  
  • Additional writing time  
  • Monitored break time  
  • Adaptive technology  
  • Ergonomic furniture  
  • Alternate print  
  • Disability-necessitated rescheduling  

These accommodations are also available for online assessment. For more information, visit the Accommodated Testing Services website.

4. Talk to your professor 

Sometimes the best way to prepare for an exam is to contact your professor, either by email or by visiting your professor’s office hours. There they can give you the most accurate and helpful guidance when it comes to course material. As the experts in the subject, they can also point you to extra resources.  

Are you unsure how to best contact your professor? Every professor is different, here are some tips, guidance, and resources on different approaches.