Email Phishing Scams: How to Protect Yourself

Phishing is a cyber threat designed in a way to trick or deceive you into revealing personal information. In many cases, they are hard to identify as they can appear to be from a legitimate source. If you receive a phishing or suspicious email do not click on the link, reply to the email, or make payments via any links in the email.

Any official University of Toronto emails regarding your personal or financial information will:  

  • Encourage you to log in to your ACORN account (not to follow a link in the email) 
  • Be sent from an official, identifiable U of T email address ( 
  • Be grammatically correct with correct spelling 
  • Never ask you to click on or send information to an external email 
  • Never request personal information or passwords 

U of T Information Security provides detailed information on phishing here, including how to report it. 

You can check your account status and balance in ACORN, and safely make payments, at any time.